The German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) is a scientific professional association. As one of the most important platforms in Germany for dialogue and opinion-forming on Asia, the DGA focuses on current developments in the region and the background to them. The DGA also sees itself as a bridge between science, politics, business, and the general public.

Since its founding in 1967, the DGA’s work has reflected the growing global importance of Asia. The Association brings together scientists in Asian Studies and in relevant specialty disciplines that have a focus on Asia. The DGA promotes the transfer of empirically based knowledge from research on Asia to the general public as well as exchange between science and practice. The Association supports up-and-coming scholars as well as research and teaching on Asia. It is an ambassador for Asian Studies, and contributes to the promotion of science in Germany.

Membership of the DGA is open to scientists and students of all disciplines working on Asia who are based at both universities and at non-university research institutions, as well as to representatives from the realms of politics, business, society, and the media.

As a scientific society and exchange platform, the DGA offers networking opportunities for its members in a variety of formats transcending regional and thematic boundaries. In particular, membership of the DGA includes:

  1. regular e-mail updates on relevant events and job advertisements;
  2. a biennial scientific conference;
  3. the promotion of scientific activities through a “Small Grants Programme”;
  4. regionally focused working groups (to date, China, South Asia, Southeast Asia), who independently organize conferences and seminars;
  5. the promotion of up-and-coming scientists via a junior research group with its own workshops and conferences for networking;
  6. the professional journal ASIEN, offering refereed articles and contributions on current developments in the region;
  7. exclusive access to a database of Asia experts.