Lecture series: Ethic votes in Asian Studies


Vortragsreihe für DGA-Mitglieder

Ethics votes are becoming increasingly relevant in the context of third-party-funded project proposals. Many of us Asian studies scholars do not yet have any knowledge and/or experience in this regard. Smaller universities or private universities often do not yet have an ethics committee. In the DGA (German Association for Asian Studies), there is the consideration of either setting up our own committee for ethical votes or passing it to third parties. As a first source of information, the German Association for Asian Studies organized a three-part series of lectures via Zoom on the following topics. We would be delighted to welcome a large number of participants.

7.12.2023 at 5 pm „Ethical Clearance Process at GIGA“ (Dr. Cordula Tibi Weber, GIGA)

14.12.2023 11.1.2024 at 5 pm „Ethical rules of data collection and analysis in the context of social media and generative AI” (Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra, GIGA)

8.2.2024 at 5 pm „Future Development of Ethics Clearance Processes using the Example of the ERC“ (Dr. Christian Wirth, SWP, with comments of Prof. Dr. Björn Alpermann, University of Würzburg)

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